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    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Killed big Z's buddies

    A source inside the Belt way told us:
    That was the strike at 1730GMT on Chota, a Janikhel (Wazir sub-tribe) village just outside Bannu.  So far, two Arabs, two Pahktuns and one Uzbek dead.  Possible on of the Arabs was an hvt.  The Waziri are known to be very chummy with Z.  The compound was owned by Haji Awais.  
    The term "haji" is an honorary term of great honor given to those that make the haj to Mecca, usually several times.  So the hit was well connected.  Hajis connected to AQ either UBL or Z carry messages and transfer funds for AQ during the haj, and are key facilitators.
    Z frequents the area and has cut down the size of his party to minimize detection.  The Paki's almost accidently got Z when they raided that compound in 2005.


    The remote-controlled war over Pakistan shows no sign of letting up: News reports say a missile fired by a U.S. drone struck a house in the Bannu district of North-West Frontier Province, killing five suspected militants.

    According to the New York Times, the attack last night targeted the compound of a local militant commander, Taj Ali Khan, in the vicinity of Jani Khel; local sources and intelligence officials told theTimes that two Arabs were killed in the strike. Bannu borders North Waziristan, usually described as a key transit route and safe haven for al Qaeda and Taliban. Five people were killed in a strike in the same arealast November.






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