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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Spyzooka burns Cnet, Google

    Cnet hosting fraudlent Security software.
    SpyZooka is a fraud.

    This is exactly why Security Vendors are in trouble.
    The public has no way to know whats safe and what security
    is a fraud, even Cnet burned.

    And they are sucessfully spoofing Googles ranking system,
    they own most of the sites reccomending spyzooka, first 30 sites.
    Google burned.

    Public burned if they buy spyzooka.
    Spyzooka email me for retraction.

    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com


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    Anonymous Deborah said...

    I purchased SpyZooka last night. I've run it five or six times. During this session, I've been on the internet for approximately 50 minutes. I now have 16 oops messages. So, is SpyZooka spyware?

    12:36 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    I have not seen any evidence that it is spyware, but they could load that into your PC any time they want, with one of their fake updates.


    4:49 PM  

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