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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Mexico: Drug Civil war?

    Santiago Meza Lopez, aka the 'Stew Maker'

    He was known as El Pozolero — The Stew Maker — but his ingredients were less than savoury.

    The job of Santiago Meza López was to dispose of the enemies of a notorious drug baron by dissolving them in tubs of acid. Over several years he claims to have “disappeared” 300 enemies of Teodoro García Semental, a former henchman for one of the largest cartels in Mexico and now in a bloody struggle for supremacy over the trade.

    Meza, 45, told police that, once their remains had been in the acid baths for 24 hours, he would bury them. In a twisted act of chivalry, he said he only dissolved men, refusing to make women vanish this way. He said that he was paid $600 (£440) a week by García.



    CBS: But there's even more evidence the cartels are operating with near impunity as they wage bloody battle for control of lucrative smuggling routes into the U.S. It's only 28 days into the new year and already there have been 400 drug-related slayings across Mexico.

    Last year ended with a grisly flourish: 12 soldiers were found decapitated with this note: "For every one of us you kill, we'll kill 10."

    "These criminal kingpins are not afraid of government authority," said Rand Corp. terror expert Brian Jenkins. "They're willing to take it on directly.”

    The cartel carnage and brutality are escalating so rapidly - and the authorities are so besieged - that some U.S. analysts are warning that Mexico is in danger of collapse, leaving a lawless, failed state right across the southern U.S. border.

    A recent Pentagon report warned that if trends continue into the next decade, the U.S. must be on alert for the possible "rapid and sudden collapse" of Mexico.



    We have been warning Americans to boycott

    Mexico since Apr 15, 2008

    The Government should consider intervention.

    With the Mexican Government approval.

    With out send in the CIA for wet ops.

    The one thing that should be clear from the Iraq

    war is that it maybe eaiser to support a Government

    rather than occupy a country.

    MacArthur's Occupation of Japan:

    utilized the current Government


    Paul Bremer's Occupation.

    Ousted the entire Government

    MacArthur was a success

    Bremem was a disaster.

    With our porus border with Mexico

    The drug violence will leach into the USA.

    The sooner US finds ways to intervene

    Against the Mexican cartels the safer

    and less costly it will be.




    Goole formatting controls refuse to allow

    me to change colors of links, GOOLGE SUCKS.





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