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    Saturday, November 01, 2008

    Child labor, or starve

    Problem paradigm;G

    Child labour thrives in Islamabad
    ISLAMABAD: Growing child labour in the capital city exposes the government and non-governmental organisations’ (NGOs) claims of striving to prevent children from working. At the tender age of 15 and below, children could be easily seen doing menial jobs at workshops, shops, hotels and restaurants in... Full Story


    KARACHI: Faizan Rafiq, 16, was killed by two boys when he broke the queue in a tandoor (bread shop), and tried to buy bread out of turn on Friday. Police arrested the two youths who killed him using a knife.

    Standard Biryani Center where this dispute started is situated... Full Story


    The NGO's need to be sure there is child feeding before they ban child labor.

    If some of these kids don't work, they don't have money for food.
    Ban their labor and you force them into prostitution or terrorism for food.

    The NGO's need to get their priorities in order.
    A safety net in place for kids before they ban the children's livelihood.

    NO food stamps in ISLAMABAD.

    Save the children from labor and condemn them to slow death by starvation.




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