Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Analysis of Zawahiri's msg, nov 19,08

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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Analysis of Zawahiri's msg, nov 19,08

    Analysis of Zawahiri's msg, nov 19,08
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov 19,08

    Zawahiri's message is very revealing on several levels.

    "First, a message of congratulations to the Muslim Ummah on the American people's admission of defeat in Iraq..."
    He is either delusional of his information lieutenants are lying to him,

    al Qaeda has suffered a defeat in Iraq by all measures.

    He also says "It appears that you don't know anything about the Muslim Ummah and its history:"

    And says: "You Are Neither Facing Individuals nor Organizations, But... a Jihadi Awakening and Renaissance... This is the Fact Which You and Your Government And Country Refuse to Recognize"

    He fails to admit al Qaeda has fallen out of favor with Muslims.

    "America Has Put On a New Face, But Its Heart Full of Hate, Mind Drowning In Greed, and Spirit Which Spreads Evil, Murder, Repression and Despotism...."

    The reason al Qaeda is in disfavor among Muslims is evident to every one except Zawahiri.
    al Qaeda has killed more Muslims, killed women, 
    children, bombed Mosques and market places in 
    violation of the Quran, al Qaeda acts for Satan
    against Muslims.

    Zawahiri is out of touch with reality or just trying
    to spread false propaganda in a last ditch effort to 
    save face.

    I fear he is so isolated he doesn't know the truth,
    and only gets false reports from his handlers.
    Who are afraid to tell him the truth.

    His statement speaks more to al Qaeda's disaray
    and isolation than to al Qaeda's strength.



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