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    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Taliban, al Qaeda getting sick

    Taliban very sick many have a sudden onset of severe headache, muscle and joint pains (myalgias and arthralgias—severe pain gives it the name break-bone fever or bonecrusher disease), fever, and rash. The dengue rash is characteristically bright red petechiae and usually appears first on the lower limbs and the chest; in some patients, it spreads to cover most of the body. There may also be gastritis with some combination of associated abdominal painnauseavomiting, or diarrhea and painful gas..
    1. Fever, bladder problem, constant headaches, severe dizziness and loss of appetite.
    2. Hemorrhagic tendency ( spontaneous bruising, bleeding from mucosa, gingiva, injection sites, etc.; vomiting blood, or bloody diarrhea)

    Dengue shock syndrome is defined as dengue hemorrhagic fever plus:

    • Weak rapid pulse,
    • Narrow pulse pressure (less than 20 mm Hg)
    • Cold, clammy skin and restlessness.

    Risk of dengue fever spread highest in October, November
    * 125 cases of dengue fever registered throughout city since August
    * Authorities say fumigation has not been effective

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: Preventive measures to combat Edis Egepti need to be ensured throughout the city as October and November are the most suitable months for... 
    Full Story


    Taliban drug addicts are most at risk.

    US forces may be able to smell the Taliban even before they see them. The malise is present over a large area of Paki.




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