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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Putins saber rattling limited.

    Putins saber rattling limited.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 4,08

    Russia's Putin is doing some saber rattling on a limited basis.
    Old war ships and out dated jet bombers and nukes..

    His criminal cabal feels it was cheated out of some profits.

    Russia is no match for USA's military might.
    But Putin has plenty of monkey wrenches.

    The all of his threats have to do with oil.

    Most of his nuclear Tu-95 Bear bombers and Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber will be in a excise close to Alaska firing live cruise missiles Oct 8th. in the North Arctic.

    Russian ships in Syria with nukes, Oct 8th. and on to Venezuela. afterwards.

    Russia is claining 18 % of the Arctic for its oil reserves, and fears US intervention.
    And fears problems with Venezuela and its oil reserves. Same with Syria's oil reserves.

    While USA is involved with the GWOT Russia feels safe to try and expand its power.

    USA's biggest threat against Russia would be against Putin's profits.
    He is subject to punishment by hitting his cartels profits.
    And USA has many doors open to do the deeds.

    Putnin is not above using Russia's military strength to try and protect his personal profits.
    But he is keenly aware of the Risk reward ratios involved.

    And seeks to maximize profits.

    He is trying to strike a balance between building a big military power to extort profits and the expenditures involved which reduce profits.

    The early warning missile shield USA is building in the ME and Europe will kill many of his planned sales of Russian missiles to Syria and her ilk.

    That may have been the cause for the Georgian invasion.

    Russia does not have the Resources to upgrade its weapons systems and is saber rattling with 3rd generation weapons while USA is in the process of fielding 6th generation weapons.

    But a nuke is nuke and Putin can be checked by putting a ding his pocket.

    He will not risk his cartel which is rolling bollions into his pocket.


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