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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Muslims not interested in getting involved in terrorism.

    Muslims not interested in getting involved in terrorism.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 4,08

    We have been running operation " sub rosa" for a few months, we deployed several thousand BSU's to random Muslim indivuals in countrys that had strong al Qaeda support and mostly Sunnis.
    Selection rules out anyone in the ummah without access to the WWW.
    All records except 4 deleted.

    Our Intel Paradigm and metrics indicated the vast majority of Muslims are not interested in supporting terrorism or violence.
    The positive indicators for terrorism Involvement, support of terrorism
    or violence runs at less than 0.012 % ( thats about 1 in a thousand. ) in areas where al Qaeda has realitively strong support.
    The paradigm also indicates Arabic Muslims are also afraid of the
    terrorists, and remain silent out of fear.
    If there were a way for them to fight terrorism in what they feel is
    relative safety they would be interested.

    That would seem to point to a failure of al Qaedas information war.
    Now that I have some metrics my view of the terrorists success in
    the Info war would seem to be in question?
    While its true USA is not winning the Info war it doesn't seem the
    USA is loosing it either. 1 /1,000, 
    I may have underestimated the impact of the civilian effort on the
    Information war. While the governments efforts at the Info war has
    been minimal, al Qaedas efforts have not lead to the level of
    success I had anticipated.
    But there are sucesses and then there are successes.
    Our metrics indicate 99.082 % of Muslims have no interest in terrorism or violence.
    That is a WIN,  of sorts.
    al Qaedas info war seems to have been a failure, a rate of about one out of
    a thousand are willing to support or get invooved in terrorism.
    . A success or failure?
    1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world. 1.2 Billion.
    Thats 1,200,000 Muslims world wide interested in getting involved in or supporting
    terrorism or violence. 1.2 million, thats about 1 per thousand.


    Will  banner type metrics paradigm apply to Info War metrics? Indicators point to YES.
    If we flip the terrorist metrics to our side, which may or may not be a valid hypothesis.

    The Paradigm suggests a possibility of a Info war ( if as effective as the
    terrorist ), could raise an Army of Muslim cyber Warriors from a pool
    of 1,200,000 anti al qaeda Muslims.

    We will be opening a Muslim anti-al Qaeda Company 
    soon. Similar to our
    Check back for details.

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