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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Jahiddies paralyzed.

    Jahiddies paralyzed.

    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 19, 08

    Great post Jahiddies looking for alternative to their forums.

    They have lost over 1,000 sites and are really pissed off.

    Their new plans make them even more vulnerable.
    And I support their new plans.
    We are waiting for you, standing by.
    Cyber snipers...

    In the post there were many things that brought JOY to my heart.

    The jahiddies were running one of the most sucessfull guerilla campaigns ever devised.
    And counter ops closed them down, cut off the heads and crushed morale.
    Praise Allah.

    Now they talk of a new guerilla war???
    They have NO IDEA what they are doing, and wish them much sucess with their plans.

    "We start, and God is our supporter" NOT, Allah has forsaken these supporters of Satan,
    ignorance, foolishness, and stupidity is no excuse and Allah has punished them with the
    loss of their C2, forums and websites.


    They talk of being paralyzed from the shuting down of so many sites, my heart leaps with joy.
    I am doing my joy dance now.

    Become sectarys:
    "the participating sisters, as one of them represents 10 men in their efforts, responses, editing, and other great things that we men do not pay attention to or get tired of because we are engaged in other things or duties that we seek...."
    Sisters do the drudge work while the MEN do the important things.

    Or the SISTERS can do important work stopping these Satan jahiddies form killing more women, children, bombing market places and Mosques.

    Use all the security precautions they describe and Join our Company C, and put a stop to the terrorism.

    Or our Paki Wiki:

    We have started an Iranian resistance wiki ( BLACK )directed by a woman.
    We will be starting a Muslim wiki to fight terrorism, soon, watch for announcements.

    I used the spelling "Jahiddies" on purpose to disdinguish the difference between legit jihadis,
    struggling every day to be better Muslims and closer to Allah and these dogs of Satan
    who kill women and children bomb Mosques.

    The loss of terrorist web sites, the will of Allah, so be it.


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