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    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    al Fajar Media Center, NO Idea.....

    al Fajar's leader.

    al Fajar Media Center, has NO Idea....
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 11, 2008

    The semantics in their communication are very revealing.

    "Forums... have been closed for Technical reasons..."
    Note they did NOT say they closed them.

    "They will be non-fuctional from the date of the publication of this announcement"
    Dated Sept, 29 , 2008.
    In fact some of the sites were closed well before this date.

    "We are not aware of any addresses or websites for these forums presently on the INTERNET."
    They are admitting they are not the webmasters, and admit they might not know all of the
    URL's for the websites. Paradigm Intel suggests they have not been in contact with all the webmasters so are not sure. And this confirms they did not order the sites down, as they don't know all the webmasters.
    1,000 sites shut down on orders from whom?
    No one, no terror group has that kind of authority or power.
    There is not that kind of unity in the Intenet Jahiddie community.

    "Any news you hear about the reopening of some of these web sites are incorrect."
    " unless it is announced though al Fajar"

    They don't know how the sites were knocked down, and won't put up new sites till they do know.

    They deny that any of the offices of these websites have fallen into enemy hands.
    "since when have jihadi websites had permanent offices."

    They don't they have permanent computers. And have not assured the ummah that the PC's haven't fallen into enemy hands, or gotten access.

    They are scrambling to do some spin control not to look like fools.
    They don't know but have to say something.

    And they are saying when we figure this out they will try again.
    They still don't have a count of downed terror web sites.
    They are still doing damage control.

    Text SOURCE:


    Spin me right round:




    Al-Fajr Center itself is very structured and is divided into several different brigades, each with a designated purpose.

    These brigades include:

    • Hacking Brigade, in charge of hacking websites, carrying out Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and identifying vulnerable websites

    • Intelligence Brigade, in charge of gathering information, both online and in the physical world. For example, this brigade monitors the websites of the government, think tanks, and the media, like the White House, the U.S. Army, the Rand Corporation, the Jamestown foundation, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and others.

    • Distribution Brigade, in charge of distributing the propaganda released by jihadist groups, such as taking credit for daily attacks, media from jihadist leaders, videos of attacks, training videos, and other videos of fighting from all over the world

    • Publications Brigade, in charge of producing studies and training manuals in magazine form, like the "Technical Mujahid"

    • Cybersecurity Brigade, in charge of protecting the security of jihadist websites

    • Multimedia Brigade, in charge of producing multimedia jihadist propaganda, including attacks on American forces, preparation of IEDS, audio and video messages from jihadist leadership, statements of martyrs, and other propaganda. >>

    There is some talk of targeting the following "American " forums:

  •  ("This is an extremely large forum with millions of people that posts information about American states.")

  •  ("This forum has a section devoted to the war against Muslims.")

  •  ("A forum for American university students.  It is very important.")

  •  ("This is one of the large American forums.  It has a video section.")

  •  ("A military forum frequented by Europeans and Americans.  It launches attacks on the mujahids and disparages them. 
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