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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Inside view of IATT..

    Photo by Gerald, CR 2008

    Inside view of IATT.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 26, 08

    Some questions I get asked often so I would like to answer two of the Q.

    I've been asked if this kind of work is dangerous, and it can be, and one must take
    extraordinary precautions. But is is much less dangerous than what US Troops face.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear. Cyber warrior

    #2) What is the work like?

    First and primary : our profession: Commercial competitive Intelligence services

    Secondary is our anti-terrorist Battalion, which fits our Primary mission activities like
    interlaced fingers.

    To start:

    Get report from Watch officer:
    Link on to Operations Encrypted IM
    Deploy cyber sidearm
    Check security logs
    Review G2 reports.

    Check Email;
    Check mole communications;
    Read Tips line.
    Check sources.

    Review all Companys comm.
    Check chatter and background noise.
    Read Bsu Feeds
    Read black boxes.
    Read news feed
    Collect OSINT
    Read site demographics.
    Check tracking movements
    Check Cell activity.

    Start G2 report
    collate data.
    Develop Paradigm Intel
    Estimate force composition for the day, deploy ops on new Intel.
    Activate or kill BSU's.
    Black BSU's  ( Bot Surveillance Units )
    Start writing days post.
    Check RSS of fav blogs.
    Over watch for days ops. 
    Prepare 5  paragraph Cyber field orders
    for each Ops. Issue orders.
    Run Ops and track rest.
    Company on patrol  HERE.

    While Ops running I,
    Track news.

    It is very addictive, and a real rush when Intel strings lead to actionable Intel.
    I over see a group of very dedicated genius teams, which don't know each other,
    and often work just a part of the op. I've burned out some Genius Analysts and cyber officers.

    Sometimes its like the movies, without the music, hense my juke box.
    Other times its dull and boring, another exciting part is when we come up with Intel
    that adds a new dimension to a public news story.

    Other times one puts out bait and may have to wait weeks for results.
    Waiting is very hard, almost painful.
    But waiting is also the professional part, not pushing anything too soon,
    processing intel and discovering its best use, and forming its context into a paradigm
    can be like chess, Which I've played for 45 years.

    Planning ops one tries to plan for all contingencies, burns and even infiltrations.
    We do have double agents among us, who have penetrated us and we are aware of them
    and find ways to use them.

    Some times hot items come right out of the blue, totally unexpected.
    A simple routine op may turn up a HVT.
    And we may work 24/7 to set up a op to exploit the Intel and wait 2 weeks
    or 2 months, for the target to act.

    The smallest piece of OSINT may fill in the biggest piece to an Intel op.

    After action activities include setting up BSU to track news related to the target to
    see what the feds do with the Intel. Or track metrics related to the target.

    We publicly report about 5% of our ops, carefully screened to avoid opsec.
    And to complete the operation.

    Paradigm Intel plays a big part in fitting the pieces together and
    planning ops, and pulling data out of a closed cell.

    The data flow is substantial and one constantly works to turn it into knowledge.
    And fit it into paradigms.

    It is a cross between a computer game a movie and a puzzle.( will be very good at this Game: )

    Often working till 3 or 4 am my time, daylight time for the Terrorist on the other side of the world.

    The ability to stream data 24/7 of interest to ones project is addictive,
    sometimes its a flood of sweet on target data, other times one could die of thirst just nothing
    coming in. And thats when we send out recon teams. Or steer moles.

    If I want to know something I can get, it if it is knowable, if not, I can get a 'READ'
    on the subject and a good feel for what I want to know.

    Part of the challenge is knowing what to work on, what targets are do-able.
    Even figuring out just what to do can be daunting.

    In general the Internet tells you what to do, the data streams point the direction.

    In developing posts often it is a question of censorship, selecting what is relevant, educational
    or countering propaganda. Do we have an "exclusive" that doesn't break our opsec, or do we post
    others material with our new Intel added to the story.

    I get withdrawal if I'm away from the data stream to long. it taste so SWEET.

    And you can read our OSINT here:


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