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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Black is white and red and green

    We have been tracking
    And the latest article clearly marks them as a Taliban propaganda arm.

    "Pakistan is not occupied.  In Pakistan, the main terrorist organization - Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) – has political aims and it seeks to capture and control territory. The TTP is sponsored by the CIA, which provides it money, weapons and equipment."

    Ha ha lol whew, jeeze I just don't know what to say in view of such idiocy.
    CIA is killing the Taliban leadership as fast as they can find them and 
    ahmed quraish is trying to muddy the waters in an amatuer attempt
    to blame USA for the Taliban.

    The Paki Government and people have identified the Taliban as a national enemy.
    and this joker is trying to blame USA thru the CIA for the Taliban, his efforts strike me 
    as simple minded, and delusional.

    USA will kill and hunt all the al Qaeda, and the Taliban if they continue to support al Qaeda.
    His post is self evidence of a confused mind or a Taliban shill.

    Either way he has exposed himself and lost all creditibility and standing as a professional journalist.

    He is making a joke of Paki journalists. Where is the critical thinking in Paki?
    His attempt to shift the attack from the Taliban to the CIA will fail, Paki's know the Taliban is the ENEMY. And the CIA is trying to kill them.

    US Army general warns Pakistan of new war

    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: A new war could begin if Pakistan does not step up its fight against terrorists, Maj Gen Jeffrey J Schloesser of the US Army said in a report published in an American weekly on Sunday. 

    “If militants escape into Pakistani territory and Islamabad does not step up, a new kind of war could well begin,” he said.

    According to the report, Gen Schloesser, who leads 19,000 US soldiers operating on the frontier, estimates that his forces are facing some 7,000-10,000 insurgents in eastern Afghanistan – a higher number than previously disclosed by any US commander. 

    He said he planned to keep his troops operating deep inside Taliban territory this winter. He hoped they would be able to take advantage of the mobility to seek out any safe havens and facilitation areas and any places the terrorists can go for ‘rest and recreation’ in Afghanistan. He said he would give terrorists the options to flee, get killed or captured, or reconcile.




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