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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Bin Laden's "psychological profile"

    Bin Laden's "psychological profile", 9.14.03 ( updated 9.12.08 )

    By Gerald;
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    O'samma Bin Laden's biggest weakness is his ego driven objectives. His primary motive is Ego aggrandizement of himself and promotion of his image. He has fed his ego desire by self- promotions from Construction company president to a General of the Mujeden fighting the Russians. The only way for him to obtain this recognition was to buy it. He bought his way into the war with the Russians. He bought his way into the Afghan government. He bought his way into religion by paying Mullahs. And continues to buy his way into his terrorism war The CIA fed this personality cult early in his war efforts in Afghanistan with praise, money, materials and secret war medals. This may have fed his Napoleon/Mohammad complex. “unprincipled narcissist” syndrome, This composite character complex combines the narcissist’s arrogant sense of self-worth, exploitative indifference to the welfare of others, and grandiose expectation of special recognition with the antisocial personality’s self-aggrandizement, deficient social conscience, and disregard for the rights of others.
    A major implication of the study is that bin Laden does not fit the profile of the highly conscientious, closed-minded religious fundamentalist, nor that of the religious martyr who combines these qualities with devout, self-sacrificing features; rather, it suggests that bin Laden is adept at exploiting Islamic fundamentalism in the service of his own ambition and personal dreams of glory. )

    As a young wealthy businessman, he and some of his family learned to bend and warp Islam ism and the Koran to support their coruption and over billing in order to support their corrupt business interests. Being number 17 son of 50 some children it was hard to stand out and be recognized. He picked up a habit for downer drugs in Dubai as a teenager. The downers kept him reserved and quite which was mis-interrupted as wisdom and humility instead of just being high.

    This desire to be noticed and recognized by his father has driven him to more and more extreme devises. After his father died he transferred this need to be recognized to his peer group. The first instance of this peer recognition and desire to stand out was achieved when he set up safe houses and a construction business in Afghanistan. The safe houses were for the "Freedom Fighters" who came to Afghanistan to fight Russians. With his financial support he was able to make himself a General in this war. The CIA taught him how to set up training camps and how to successfully perform Guerrilla and a new type of warfare against the Russians.

    Bin Ladens up bringing as a warped privileged wealthy Arab predisposes him to view the poor as ignorant servants to be manipulated by corrupting the Koran and buying mullahs. He has the education, training and money to brainwash the poor, uneducated, abused, and religious zealots with sex, drugs, money and by twisting Islamism to get them to perform suicide bombings. He has set up a "gang" mentality for these abused people. With Bin Laden they feel a false sense of family and belonging, a sense of fake empowerment, false as they will soon be dead and expect paradise and 72 virgins hence they give up all power to Bin Laden. While he mouths and promotes them as martyrs he privately views them as fools, ignorant, expendable cannon fodder to promote his cult of personality. Bin Laden further derives pleasure from his ability to remotely manipulate these abused into suicide with just his personality cult. He protects his family and councils his sons against martyr operations contrary to his public stance on suicide for others.

    His cult of personality is to promote himself as another Mohammad type, he views himself as a prophet.. He has replaced wealth, money and creature comforts with ego driven obsession for recognition. The worse his physical conditions the stronger his ego fulfillment derived from guilt relief and recognition for his sacrifices. These small sacrifices enable him to rationalize killing women, children and bombing marlket places and Mosques. He will and has turned on any and all who deny him this recognition, family even his own home state and especially America. He will turn against Islamism if it denies him. Al Jezzera plays into his obsession with extensive TV and press coverage.

    He will support any action that furthers this "Mohammad personality disorder" obsession. The trigger for the attacks on the USA started when Saddam invaded Kuwait. This was Bin Laden's big chance to fulfill his "Mohammad Complex" and be the savior of the Arab world. He had offered his services to drive Saddam out and feed his ego complex and receive the recognition he wanted as the one who saved Saudi Arabia. He was rebuffed and America defended Saudi Arabia and drove Saddam out. Because America interfered with his recognition and interrupted his delusions of his "Mohammad Complex" America became his enemy and target of his terrorist attacks.

    Exposure of his true feelings about these so called martyrs, his bribing mullahs and close association with the CIA and extensive use of the CIA methods would have extensive impact on his ability to recruit "martyrs. The more his "Mohammad complex" and personality cult is exposed the less control he will have over these terrorist, and the less likely they will be to commit suicide to promote his personality cult.

    He will identify Iraq as a target of opportunity, with US targets and near by his home base. We should use this situation as a chance to attract terrorists away from American shores and into traps and ambushes with false "soft targets" or using cutouts and illegals.

    Bin Ladens, "Mohammad Complex", must be recognized as a mental illness in the Arab world, and then Arabs can distance him from religion and the Koran. This will turn him against the clerics and mullahs. This allows them to openly expose his "terrorism" as a mental illness, and his followers recognized as mental and religious deficients. History teaches us that terrorism is a poor tool for social change, O'Sama's delusional front, al Qaeda is for his cult of personality and his "Mohammad Complex".

    Exposing his true motives the "MC" not social change, will cause him to fall out of favor with his followers who have been duped and brainwashed. Without finical support and disbelief in Bin Laden's twisted Mohammad complex ideology will put his "gang" schools and training camps at a cultural dis-advantage as Islam recognizes his mental instability, and false religious teachings.


    Added: 01.25.10

    UPDATE: Operation Geronimo, get Binny, details, opsec.

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