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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Rich harvest, malware bots

    Using a botnet to send spamImage via Wikipedia

    Malware Knows No Bounds

    How much information can be collected by a single piece of malware?

    According to a recent article, one botnet alone harvested the usernames and passwords of:

    • 8,485 bank accounts
    • 3,233 credit card accounts
    • 151,000 e-mail accounts
    • 58,391 social networking site accounts
    • 4,237 online retailer accounts
    • 416 stock trading accounts
    • 869 payment processor accounts
    • 413 mortgage accounts
    • 422 finance company accounts

    That’s a wealth of information – nearly 500 gigabytes to be exact – and it represents only six months of operations. For more information on this specific botnet, take a look at the full article on the malware responsible for it, the Coreflood Trojan.

    USA on standby for Cyber whipping. G

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour, G

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