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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    BSU op. Terrorist financing. EXCLUSIVE

    BSU op.
    Terrorist financing. EXCLUSIVE.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Aug 18, 08

    I have been tracing and tracking a Terror financing unit.

    They are raising and exporting money from USA and around the world.

    It is a close knit group with at least 5 levels of supervision.

    My lead started in the Islamic Army in Iraq, which I traced to a Pashtun connection in the terrorist financing and donation arm and tracked that to the USA and back to Lebanon and from there over to Georgia. It is a combined Taliban, al Qaeda run operation.

    The central unit is operating out of Lebanon and has operatives in USA collecting funds and moving them to Lebanon.

    They are buying/renting realestate in Georgia ( location of the latest Russian activity ), developing terrorist capabilities in Georgia. And at least one member is spending the donated money on porno sites.

    This group has members in Georgia, Paki border, USA, and Lebanon that I am aware of, I have four IP's and related info. And connections in Iraq and Jordan.

    Government inquiries welcome.

    All are running extensive security and using elite proxys, and have been in operation for at least 5 months.

    Paradigm Intel:
    al Qaeda's move into Georgia doesn't bode well for the GWOT, expect al Qaeda to run false flag ops in Georgia to keep trouble stirred up between Georgia, Russia and USA.

    I'm BACK.


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