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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Al Qaeda has nuclear ambitions.


    Al Qaeda has nuclear ambitions.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist
    Aug 31, 08

    Just released BSU report.

    Al Qaeda is actively pursuing an Nuclear option.

    Some of A;Qaeda's command and control are being run out of Lebanon.

    They think that is safer than Pakistan.

    Their head nuclear guy is a former IT or has had some hacking experience.
    We haven't been able to trace HIM yet, his security is top notch.
    But we can track him we have had him on a Trap but he didn't stay for the required 15 seconds to trace him.

    We have deployed more BSU's from remote PCs.
    We have armed cyber recon squads on standby for any thing the 'Bot surveillance units' develop.
    We are using a heavy cyber weapons squad for over watch.
    Our G2 has an officer on duty 24/7 ( to evulate evidence ) with the watch officer
    And our tip line is open.

    Paradigm Intel suggests 3 targets, Iraq, USA and Israel.
    And they hope Iran gets blamed.

    We are publishing this so other Government Intelligence agencys will have at least heard it.

    Anthropologist, et Magnum
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Confirmed: Barb

    Confirmed Bill

    News finally got story: Here 08 Sep 2008

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