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    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    What if the WWW went down?

    It is my own work. I release into public domain.Image via WikipediaWhat if the WWW went down?
    What if you got "Server not found"
    on all sites for weeks or months?

    If bot nets hit the Internet Hubs, from millions of zombie pc's.
    And key cables were cut?

    Internet not accessable,
    Cell phones not working,
    Land lines dead.
    Cable TV out.
    Run on local banks.

    Walmart with empty shelves.
    Stock markets closing.
    Food stores empty shelves?

    Gas stations closing.

    And it would trickle on and on, as businesses and Government try to set up non-internet communications.
    Set up non Internet Banking, and Federal reserve flooding banks with cash trying to
    avoid a run,

    You might want to have a short wave radio and CB radios.
    That would allow minimal government communications to
    contact the populations.

    Not a bad idea to have in a 3 month supply of food and meds.

    We are not trying to scare you but point out an unplaned for possibility.
    You don't believe your house is giing to burn down but you still have Insurance.

    A little internet insurance in this world of 5th generation warfare is not un reasonable.
    Do some planning while the net is still there.

    Internet Anthropologist

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    Zemanta Pixie

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