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    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    Iranian Jihad Group, bombings in Iran

    Tehran skyline with Milad Tower in the background.Image via WikipediaShiraz Bombing of 2008 by Qadesiyoon Media Brigade - by Iranian Jihad group


    Qadesiyoon Media Brigade of Sunnah Iran presents: Bombing one of the Rafidah Shia Husseyniyah Temples in Shiraz

    Husseyniyah is a Rafidah Shiite places of Shirk, supported and run by the government Revolutionary Guards and Baseej the volunteer based Iranian Shia paramilitary force.

    As a retaliatory measure for the several tortures & assassinations of Sunni Iranian youth, scholars & destructions of our Masaajid in general and in particular for the assassination of two innocent Sunni scholars in the city of Iranshahr on April 2008

    Carried out by the Jihadi movement of the Sunnah people of Iran
    the Jehadi and resistance movement of Ahl as-Sunnah Iran

    حرکت جهاد اهل سنت ایران


    Holocaust of the Rafidis in the land of Farsi

    Rafidis get slaughtered, soon Insha’ALLAH it is your turn Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and the rest of your ilks.

    We will cut them, cut them and cut them, bomb them, bomb them and bomb them until they ask for mercy and the heretic Rafidi satans of Teheran are compelled to give us our rights.

    Establishing justice, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

    We will never forget your crimes against the Sunni Iranian people O Rafidhi-Safawi State of Iran !/

    اللهم انصر ابناء السنة في ايران المجوسيه ووحد صفهم

    اللهم عليك بالروافض الملاعی


    Geeze I hope none of these guys get ahold of any of the advanced IEDs Iran has been sending to Iraq.


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