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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    al Qaeda hacking members

    Klickety ...CLICK...

    One of our cyber squads was on Recon on terrorist site.

    ( Cyber squad, at least 3 troops, leader and assigned specialists as per mission, cloaked and secure, linked by encrypted IM, and one member has a cyber side arm. Activation of side arm, alerts internal affairs, and a cyber heavy weapons squad, link on to encrypted IM and alerts me. I state we have a right to self defense if attacked. ( Demographic note: avg age of troopers is 40 )

    One of our squads found an al quada Media posting, with an upload, their security systems alerted them to an infected file, al Qaeda wanted members to download, which gave have a Q root access to everyone that downloaded the file.
    Recently analyzed Ebook entitled "The Al-Qaeda network's timely entrance in Palestine" distributed by the Global Islamic Media Front -

    They are looking at everything, credit card, info, bank passwords, blackmail material, emails, etc.

    al Qaeda meeds money and who is going to complain about al Qaeda extortion?
    Who would you file charges with?

    al Qaeda not only kills Muslims in real live but virtually also.
    al Qaeda is looking to kill on the web, Muslim ID theft, blackmail, maybe not actual death,
    but loose all ones money to al Qaeda....who you going to tell?

    I forwarded the download location of the file to Dan. His post.

    al Qaeda has posted this malware to three public sites.

    All info available to FEDS.
    InternetAnthropologistTT at


    This team will receive commendations:

    You maybe seeing more in Public on our Operations, like this one, in the Future,
    depending on our Funding Paradigm. Slowly going broke

    Zemanta Pixie

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