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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    eight years in Russian prison, HACKING

    Ivan Maksakov, Alexander Petrov, and Denis Stepanov

    All three are guests of the Russian penal system, sentenced to eight years at hard labor and a 100,000 ruble fine

    Looking to make a little extra money while at college in 2003, Ivan Maksakov, then 22, devised an inventive, entrepreneurial scheme that probably sounded good at the time: He created a botnet to engage in DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks and then blackmailed online gambling sites based in the U.K., threatening to take the sites down during major sporting events.

    However, Maksakov -- a student at the Balakov Institute of Engineering, Technology, and Management -- couldn't anticipate that the Russian government, looking to demonstrate its resolve in dealing with cybercriminals, would make an example of him.

    The botnet, based in Houston, was directed to launch DDoS attacks against the U.K.-based bookmaking Web sites and online casinos only if Maksakov's demands weren't met. According to Russian news reports, Maksakov, along with co-conspirators Alexander Petrov and Denis Stepanov, attacked nine Web sites

    The Balakov City Court, Saratov region, has sentenced to eight years in colony with a strict regime and 100,000-ruble penalty each of three hackers of Russia accused of extortion, causing material damage and establishing and applying hostile software.

    jEEZE one year in a Russian Prison would have been enough.

    Ли в российском бизнес-сети имеют меню? Цены?



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