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    Friday, April 25, 2008

    Growing Pains For Al-Qaeda

    (Political Animal) GROWING PAINS FOR AL-QAEDA....Following up on recent reports suggesting that al-Qaeda, once a state-of-the-art user of the internet,

    al Qaeda has never been "State of the Art" some of their media productions were good. But they have never been state of the art more like What is left for us, can't use phones ( at one time ) so where can they go now, ...Internet...But recently even their media capability has been degraded by deaths and arrests.G

    is finding it difficult to adapt to the growth of interactive Web technology, the LA Times today summarizes the discontent that's growing in AQ's ranks:

    A litany of complaints target Osama bin Laden's network and its affiliates for their actions in Iraq and North Africa, emphasis on suicide bombings instead of political action and tepid support for, or outright antagonism toward, militant groups pressing the Palestinian cause.

    The criticism apparently has grown serious enough that Al Qaeda's chief strategist, Ayman Zawahiri, felt compelled to solicit online questions. He responded in an audio message released this month. For more than 90 minutes, Bin Laden's second-in-command tried to defuse the anger.

    ....Such rifts have been emerging for several years, but they have become increasingly contentious lately, in cyberspace and on the streets of some Arab countries. In addition to Zawahiri, Al Qaeda leaders, including Bin Laden himself, have gone on a public relations offensive. In October, Bin Laden asked followers for forgiveness for the deaths of civilians in Iraq.

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