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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    Paradigm Intel: NEW WMD

    Paradigm Intel: NEW WMD

    We just developed a new Paradigm classifying the force needed to take down the Internet as a WMD.

    Taking down the Internet for a length of time would produce world wide depression.
    And would take years to recover maybe decades. ( Bots would automatically take out the Internet every time it came back up, as bringing up the Internet activates the bots. )

    A bot herder with enough bots to take down the Internet would be equalivant to a NON-state actor with WMD.

    "Bot herders are building armys at 500,000 bots a day." Panda's labs SOURCE:

    USA has relentless attacks against all USA nets daily, at night it never quits.
    And most of the talk revolves around better defenses.
    Do you know what the risk/reward ratio for that paradigm is?
    0 risk
    unlimited reward.

    You know why Las Vegas doesn't doesn't give those odds?
    Why is USA offering those then.

    USA might consider a Computer Strike Team to "COUNTER-ATTACK".
    Ask any army private what a counter-strike is, he can explain it.
    The Internet is a new paradigm, but most of the tactics in the real world apply on the Internet.

    I.T. collects reams of intel about bot herders, how they work, where they are, just everything.
    Turn that over to a "computer counter-strike force".
    HACK the sobs back, take the PC's out, format hard drives, reset passwords on their routers,
    install key stroke minitors, video, audio.

    Make them afraid to attack USA system,
    Track bot herders, traps, trails etc.

    Back it with the entire USA Intel community and go after anyone ( on the ground and on the Internet ) with a bot herd approaching enough bots to take down the Internet.
    That many bots is a WMD.

    How long would you let someone with a 'live active nuke" walk around?

    The Taliban just threatened the WEST, but said it would not be Nuclear, could the Taliban handle small boats and grappling hooks?
    Taking out 3 Internet cables in three days is no coincidence, on going 02.03.08.
    Somebody is testing the system, and taking out parts of the Internet with small boats and a grappling hooks. Sound like anybody you know?

    USA may want to consider an "Internet Force" to protect the Internet.
    A Group with rules of engagement, and overwhelming force, executive action for PC's, servers and people. Action on and off the Internet.
    Cyber forces and boots on the ground.

    There is NO globalization as we know it without the Internet.

    Defense is important but can't succeed without offense.
    Its like sending troops out with only amour, no weapons.

    USA's 'network' needs to be more than a moving target.

    I'd like to see an Armed moving target.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Russia identified this threat back in 1995
    "Russia retains the right to use nuclear weapons first against the means and forces of information warfare, and then against the aggressor state itself."

    So said Colonel V.I.Tsymbal in a paper presented in Moscow at the September, 1995 Russia-U.S. conference "Evolving post Cold War National Security Issues". Clearly, Russia takes Information Warfare very seriously. Five years later, almost to the day, Vladimir Putin officially adopted the Russian Information Security Doctrine, which addresses issues relating to computer crime and network security from threats both domestic and foreign.


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