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    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Ops and Intel Update

    Overhaul of net addresses begins
    Network cables, BBC
    The net's core address books are being updated
    The first big steps on the road to overhauling the net's core addressing system have been taken.

    On Monday the master address books for the net are being updated to include records prepared in a new format known as IP version 6.


    Metasploit 3.1 Takes Aim at Windows
    February 4, 2008
    By Sean Michael Kerner

    Windows security researchers now don't necessarily need to move to Linux to take full advantage of Metasploit 3.1.

    Metasploit, a framework for developing, testing, and using exploit code, received its first major update since version 3 debuted in March 2007. (Allegedly, Metasploit has also been used in the past to help expedite Windows zero-day vulnerabilities.)

    2. 2/4: Rbot.IOO an IRC-Controlled Backdoor
    Win32/Rbot.IOO is an IRC controlled backdoor (or "bot") that can be used to gain
    unauthorized access to a victim's machine.,3rh8,1,9vko,ft10,4kcc,do3i

    3. 2/4: Tibsd.HY Trojan Drops FIles Upon Execution
    W32/Tibs.HY is a Trojan that will infect Windows systems.,3rh8,1,a6lx,hdvc,4kcc,do3i

    4. 2/4: Dloader.EUZ Trojan
    Dloader.EUZ Trojan may be downloaded from remote sites by other malware.,3rh8,1,ler9,sdh,4kcc,do3i

    5. 2/4: Trojan.Selex Sends Stolen Information to Site
    Trojan.Selex is a Trojan horse program that sends stolen information to a predetermined
    Web site.,3rh8,1,74ud,m4hv,4kcc,do3i

    6. 2/4: EggDll-A Trojan Spawns Command Shell
    Troj/EggDll-A is a Trojan for the Windows platform.,3rh8,1,k2gj,2k4u,4kcc,do3i

    7. 2/4: Lineag-DE a Windows Trojan
    Troj/Lineag-DE is a Trojan for the Windows platform.,3rh8,1,371d,k636,4kcc,do3i

    8. 2/4: Dropper-TO Trojan Hits Windows
    Troj/Dropper-TO is a Trojan for the Windows platform.,3rh8,1,8xzy,hul4,4kcc,do3i


    10 killed, 27 hurt as bomber strikes army bus
    * Troops seal off area, erect tents, police not immediately allowed near site
    * Caretaker interior minister says Baitullah Mehsud likely involved in blast

    By Aamir Yasin and Imran Asghar

    RAWALPINDI: Ten people were killed and 27 injured on Monday when a suicide bomber crashed... Full Story

    3 suicide attackers arrested from Jhang
    LAHORE: Punjab Home Secretary Khusro Pervaiz Khan said on Monday that law-enforcement agencies had arrested three alleged would-be suicide bombers, and seized suicide jackets and explosives from their possession. He told a private television channel that the arrested “suicide bombers” had disclosed... Full Story

    Bird flu spreads as Rangers’ farm infected
    * Authorities arrest chicken merchant for ‘selling bird flu-infected poultry’

    KARACHI/SWAT: Government officials confirmed on Monday an outbreak of the deadly bird flu virus at a second farm in Karachi and said 12 people had been placed in an isolation ward, AFP reported.

    The virus... Full Story

    Polls could be delayed in parts of NWFP, Tribal Areas: Memon
    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Federal Information Minister Nisar Memon has said that elections could be delayed in some parts of the NWFP and the adjacent Tribal Areas, Samaa TV reported on Monday.

    Addressing a press conference in Peshawar, Memon said the government would try to ensure... Full Story

    Traffic mess after Gabol’s murder rumour
    Staff Report

    KARACHI: Rumours about former PPP parliamentarian Nabeel Gabol’s killing during an election campaign in Lyari led to traffic jams and panic in vicinity on Monday evening as unidentified people forcibly closed down markets.


    FAO Desert Locust Bulletin No. 352 - 04 Feb 2008
    Eastern Region. Scattered adults were present on the coast in southeastern Iran during January. Similar populations may be present in western Pakistan. There is a low risk that adults and perhaps a small group or swarm could appear on the coast from Oman. As unusually good rains fell in the spring breeding areas in both countries, locust numbers are expected to increase from egg laying and hatching that occurs during the forecast period.

    Full_Report (pdf* format - 115.3 Kbytes)

    From afghan web site

    Weekly Poll

    How do you watch Afghan satellite tv channels?
    I own a satellite box
    At relatives and friends house
    I watch them online
    I don't watch Afghan channels
    Total Votes: 1298

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