Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: DHS releases Cyber Storm report ( FLAWED, missed )

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    Friday, February 01, 2008

    DHS releases Cyber Storm report ( FLAWED, missed )

    DHS releases Cyber Storm report ( for 1990's type of attacks..g )

    The exercise simulated a large-scale cyber campaign that disrupts multiple critical infrastructure, ( READ: not an all out bot net Pearl Harbor attack, as it only disrupted infrastructure, NOT SHUT IT DOWN ..G )
    as well as simulated "physical demonstrations and disturbances"
    ( should have tested kenitic attacks on the Internet Cable by subs Shutting off the INTERNET, as in Extensive Internet failure has affected much of Asia, the Middle ( RIGHT NOW, ON GOING) East, north Africa...G )
    to test the ability of government to respond to multiple incidents simultaneously, even when its not clear that the events are related (read: 9/11).

    So how'd our government do? Not so well.

    Among other things, the report found that the NCRCG did not have sufficient technical experts on staff to respond to the volume of incidents. "As a result, development of an accurate situational picture was challenging, albeit in part due to the difficulty of the scenario."

    That's kind of like saying "If the test was just easier, I would have done better!"

    ...."Contingency planning for backup or resilient communications methods is a critical need. While only tested for a few players during the exercise, many players noted a high reliance of cyber
    Link incident response activities on communication systems that can be, themselves, vulnerable to attack or failure."

    So if Cyber Storm was designed to assess the U.S. government's readiness to respond to a coordinated physical and cyber attack on critical infrastructure, the conclusion of this report may be that such an attack, if launched, may well succeed.


    DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT WORST CASE scenario......
    Take the Internet down one node at a time, till its gone.

    I would guess the volume of snail mail would explode 10, 100 fold.
    Plan to bring in the National Guard to the Post office system
    till civilians could be hired.

    COME ON GUYS....

    Internet Anthropologist


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