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    Monday, January 14, 2008

    rebuttal, Musharraf's dangerous liaisons.


    From :
    By Olivier Guitta

    The situation in the tribal areas is getting worse by the day. For proof, in a recent interview published by the Swiss daily Le Temps, Rashid Shah, a Taliban leader in Pakistan's north-west region of Waziristan, stated:

    "It is impossible to stop us. We have spies all along the border who tell us about the U.S. patrols. We also have spies inside their military bases. As soon as an operation is in the works, we know about it. Most of the time we immediately take off to attack the convoys.

    "We don't need money," he continued. "We have some. The population directly finances our war effort. And we also get grants from countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They give money to our Koranic schools. Lots of money; which allows us to buy weapons. What we want is to liberate Afghanistan from Americans. And then we will liberate our country of pro-U.S. governments, such as Musharraf's."

    Most of the fighting is left to the Frontier Corps, a paramilitary group created during the British era. They are Pashtun militias responsible for protecting the border area where the Pakistani army was historically forbidden. In 2004, the United States asked them to deploy against the Islamist fighters holed up in the zone.

    You can read the whole article here.

    Here is an excerpt of the second one:

    Benazir Bhutto's recent assassination most likely by Islamist elements, most likely linked to the Taliban, is the latest proof of how central Pakistan is in the war against radical Islam. Bhutto's supporters were quick to blame Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf for her death. While it would be a stretch to see Musharraf's hand behind the plot, it is nonetheless clear that the president has some responsibility. First and foremost because of his dangerous liaisons with Islamists.

    In fact, Musharraf has been playing with fire for a while by conducting a very double-faced policy: pretending to be the friend of the West, while appeasing the Islamist forces in his country.

    Proof of this duplicity is in abundance. First, when it comes to fighting off the Taliban in Pakistan's tribal areas, some troops from the Frontier Corps (a paramilitary group in charge of dealing with the Taliban) are pointing out to the lack of Islamabad's will to finish off the Taliban.

    You can read the full article here.

    January 14, 2008 11:51 AM Link

    Paki is not hunting Bin Laden but is giving the Taliban a beating.

    "during 2007, the security forces killed 1008 terrorists and miscreants, and arrested 1636 suspected terrorists, including 427 Taliban, 53 Al Qaeda operatives, 740 Baloch nationalist insurgents, 315 banned jihadi organisations' militants and 27 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists operating as Al Qaeda troops in Pakistan ".
    50-plus Taliban militants killed in Pakistan.01.11.08
    12 Jan 2008, 1751 hrs IST,PTI
    ISLAMABAD: At least 41 militants were arrested on Saturday in northwest Pakistan's restive Swat valley, hours after the ultras carried out two pre-dawn attacks on security forces.

    The army said the militants were apprehended during a search and cordon operation at Kuza Bandai in Swat, where troops have been conducting a major operation since mid-November to quell the activities of pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Fazlullah and his followers.

    Weapons and ammunition were also recovered from the arrested militants, the army said in a statement.

    Nearly 300 militants have been killed in the Swat valley, just 160 kms from Islamabad, since the security forces launched their operation in November.

    LAHORE, Jan 10: Army troops have been deployed in 22 districts of Punjab to protect people and vital installations during Muharram in view of the security alarm raised by a suicide bombing here on Thursday.

    The Rangers will protect important installations like Wapda House, airports, railway stations, Pakistan Television and radio offices, Chief Minister's Secretariat, Governor's House and civil secretariat.

    The overall law and order would be the responsibility of police and troops would stand by at designated places and could be called in for assistance in case of an emergency at one-hour notice, home secretary Khusrao Pervaiz Khan told Dawn.

    All Muharram processions and meetings in Lahore would be heavily protected, especially on Ashura, to "deny space to terrorists", he said.

    Meanwhile, the home department has asked the provincial police chief to make foolproof security arrangements for Chinese nationals all over the province. The directive has been issued in view of reports that there are certain deficiencies in the security of the Chinese. A letter sent to the IGP said the matter was serious and required urgent action, asking him to overcome the lapses.

    The suicide bombing in Lahore came a day after a warning had been given by the home department that law-enforcement agencies could be the direct target of terrorists these days and they must be prepared to protect themselves, vital installations and important personalities.

    Sources in the home department said that police were the direct target of Thursday's suicide attack on The Mall.

    The home secretary said the provincial government had devised a three-pronged security strategy for Muharram.

    Important personalities, including political and religious leaders, have been asked to ensure their security while moving about.

    Earlier, the government had decided to approach people through print and electronic media to educate them on how to keep an eye on terrorists and support law-enforcement agencies in arresting them.

    Thirty-two militants killed in Pak madrasa blast 01.14.08


    It would appear Paki is trying to bring enough pain to force Taliban to negotiate.

    Musharraf has indigenous knowledge of the Taliban, and things are turning his way. give him some time.


    .REWARD: report terrorist in Secret

    Bench mark:
    The same report records that in 2007 alone, there were 1,442 acts of violence between terrorist attacks and politically motivated incidents, for a total of 5,353 persons wounded and 3,448 dead, including 1,974 civilians. The most heavily struck zones remain the tribal areas: of the victims, 1,096 were in the NWFP alone. The document, based on information collected from newspapers, magazines, and official sources, reports that over the entire year 1,008 terrorists were killed, and 1,636 terror suspects were captured by security forces.


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