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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    GWOT: Process:

    GWOT: Process:

    aQ attacked USA 5 times non conus,
    USA did react, mildly.
    aQ hit NYC.

    USA took by force of arms two Middle Eastern countrys.
    Set up new governments of and by the ummah.

    For 6 years aQ has been biting at the edge of Americas military buzz saw, loosing their teeth and heads.
    Taliban have been throwing its best and most precious resource at the USA military, Taliban suicide bombers. In a obscene dance for the Western media...
    ( Taliban claims responsibility for mosque suicide bombing )

    For 6 years USA army has been eating them up.
    Taliban in fits of rage kill Muslims, women,children bomb Mosques and market places.

    aQ has said this is also an economic war.
    Oil $100 bbl, gold $800 oz....
    USA is facing recession, inflation and paying all Americans $1000 bonus this year.
    aQ has picked the wrong terrain again, they cannot beat USA economically.

    World don't miss the PARADIGM.
    Attack USA and loose your country, and USA will grind attackers down for at least 6 years
    by force of arms any where in the world.


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