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    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    al Qaeda's dentist

    Metropolitan Police

    ( One should not judge a book by its cover but damn he looks like he would enjoy, like pulling teeth. )

    Sohail Qureshi, "The Dentist"



    London dentist Sohail Qureshi told the police he was just off to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid with his family in Pakistan…

    But instead of dental floss and fluoride, Qureshi, 30, tried to board a plane at Heathrow Airport with $18,000 in cash, a night vision scope, two metal batons, terror handbooks, extremist material, military information on CDs and medical supplies.

    Security services didn't buy Qureshi's vacation story and ended his trip before it could start.

    Describing his "vacation" in an e-mail, Qureshi wrote, "Pray that I kill many, brother. Revenge, revenge, revenge." On an extremist Web forum, he added, "I am not going for good as far as I know, it is only a 14- to 20-day operation, if it's in Pak, Afg or Waz."

    The Islamic extremist was in fact on his way to fight for the Taliban against American and British troops.

    In court, he boasted he had been sent to the U.K. by Al Qaeda for terrorist fundraising. He posted a farewell letter anonymously on an Islamist website bragging about raising thousands of pounds from sympathizers in the U.K. for the cause because "bullets cost money.",2933,325329,00.html



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