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    Sunday, December 02, 2007

    NO shortage of paranoia in Pakti Military.

    NO shortage of paranoia in Pakti Military.

    We just reviewed an article in Pakti Forum ( which I have tried to subscribe/join PDF )
    that gives way too much credit to USA's Government and their powers and organizational abilities. ( The author of "The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military", By AHMED QURAISHI, does not allow comments on his web site )

    On a paranoia scale of 1 to 10, they are running around 15.
    But with some good reasons, more on that later.

    They see a conspiracy between the USA government and USA news agency's.
    They are not thinking about Bill Clinton's cigar, and Nixon, or how half of the USA press is anti-government.

    They are attributing USA news papers editorials to the USA government.

    I would remind them that the worse the news makes of a situation the more papers they sell
    ( $$$ ), the USA government has no control over the news outlets, ie the New York Times reporting that the CIA was monitoring Binnys cell phone calls.

    England's press is no friend to USA, look at the Guardian articles, no connection to Oxford Press.

    And the USA diplomatic scramble when the 'emergency powers' were enacted and talking to
    Mrs. Bhutto, would be normal protocol.

    USA desires a strong Pakistani military to protect the Nukes, to the tune of $100 million USD and at arms length.

    USA wishes Pakti would hit al Qaeda and the Taliban harder, but I don't think USA forces fully appreciate the Pashtoon connection among the Pakti people, YOU will have to live with the Taliban and you do need to come to some sort of agreement with them.

    And I think the Pakti forces are underestimating the efforts of their neighbors to the East to run false flag ops.

    Pervez Musharraf appearance on Comedy Central's 'Daily Show' with Jon Stewart gave him immediate respect in America, and showed him to be a World player, he gave as good as he got.
    It showed his lack of fear and his ability to think on his feet, honesty and his confidence and classic sense of humor, which is very important in America as one of the Good guys.

    Pakti is also suffering from the lack of a good 'Info WAR' capability, and whining and seeing conspiracy's instead of influencing opinion with facts and the Truth.
    USA military also suffers from the same weakness in the 'Info WAR'.

    A man hidding in a CAVE is winning the info war against the world.

    Gen. Musharraf has demonstrated he is his own man again and again, while being an valuable and important ally.

    I think Gen. Musharraf is using the correct mix or carrot and stick with the Taliban.
    While the USA government wants to see the Taliban DEAD, Gen. Musharraf sees the long picture and the complicated interplay with in the Pashtoons.

    The Pakti Military are in a very difficult position, negioating with the Taliban, al Qaeda trying to stop this and get nukes, the history with India, the Talibans and al Qaeda stealth border, Durand line and civil unrest which al Qaeda appreciates.

    If India is supplying secret burst encrypted communications why are you not tracking them and seizing the equipment and exposing the conspiracy?

    Everyone does contingency planning, in the case of Gen. Musharraf falling I'm sure there are contingency plans to work with whom ever takes over, short of the Taliban or al Qaeda.

    But be sure these contingency plans are not for his down fall.
    And it is reasonable for USA to be concerned about your Nuclear weapons if Gen. Musharraf does fall, or is assassinated. This is reasonable, and USA should have a plan to seize your nuclear weapons if the Taliban or al Qaeda does get control of Pakti.

    USA has plans to take out any installation if al Qaeda should seize nukes any place in the world including the USA.

    NGO's are not under the control of USA military, that would make them targets.

    Be assured USA is your ally and appreciate your efforts in the GWOT even if they do complain.

    To cast the USA as an adversary plays into the hands of your neighbors and is counter productive for Pakti. My advise would be that of our great statesman "Trust but verify".

    I hope this will be posted to your Defense forum.

    The Taliban's Info war: USA responsible for Taliban attacks in Pakti ( Paranoia +10 )

    Possible Future: Paradigm Intel:


    comments encouraged.


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    Blogger omarali50 said...

    Ahmed Quraishi is an imaginative paid hack. His website was registered by state-owned PTV. Amazingly, his BS has found some gullible readers. But not to worry, when the boss changes in Pakistan he will write equally imaginative bullshit for the new boss...

    10:32 PM  

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