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    Friday, December 07, 2007

    Islamic Hackers, Hacker ALERT

    CLICKETY, click......

    New wana be Islamic Hackers:
    "SecurityGhost" started the group:

    Man power & Time allowing we have been notifying site owners with in 5 min. after defacement.
    Mostly kiddy scripts.
    They have been down loading scripts, one of ours.

    They have defaced about a dozen web sites, no damage but they seem to be working towards more deviltry.

    He works with and is training these guys:
    :: GreetZ To:: EmBrAtOuR , Syntax(U)err , Weebi , VerY SecreT , ShoOtR , Mishal , Mr.Max , NouR iCE EmBrAtOuR, Syntax (U) err, Weebi, VerY SecreT, ShoOtR, Mishal, Mr.Max, NouR iCE مـــتــكـــي وراء الــشــمــس ,V4 Crackers , C0bra Hacker The strategy behind the sun, V4 Crackers, C0bra Hacker

    He is associated with these IP's.:

    Our info on him from our CI section :
    Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia ,
    IP 's
    PC: ar-sa (Arabic/Saudi Arabia)
    used by recipient: Moz/4.0 (MSIE 7.0; WinNT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)


    Language PC: en-us (English/United States)

    UPDATE: They have seen this page visited on Dec 10 2007 4:56:53 pm, (National Engineering Services).... We should have some names soon).

    They is small stuff now but he will grow and branch out, and is training others.

    Today they defaced: 12.07.07
    UPDATE following site not hacked, it is just information of a hacked site, sorry.

    Contact:Email: Barb.andrews at


    "CYBER ALERT" OTHER Islamofascist head HACKER ...BURNED

    UPDATE: 12.18.07
    Upon review we over classified this situation, Terrorist maybe to strong a word, as defacing and the text involved would only indicate sympathizers. G.

    UPDATE: 1.1.08
    He's at it again, but alone now, he has defaced 2 more sites, actually only one, they were waiting and put the site right back up 3 min after it was defaced.
    What needs to be done?
    YOUR not listening...
    How about some computer problems???



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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks For info and i also tell that on Dec 6 They Hacked Site
    Then the site came online on Dec 29..
    also admin don't know the reason why they hacked it...

    12:10 PM  

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