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    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Somebody 'Splain' how I'm wrong

    Walmart is importing $75 tp 50 Billion USD in Chinese goods and toys.

    Some of the toys had lead in the paint, as a kid I used to play with solid lead soldiers.

    And recently it was discovered some of the beads on the kids toys just happen to be date rape drug.

    They apologized for the toxic toys and recalled them all???

    We caught the Chinese smuggling date rape drugs as beads on kids toys and no one got busted?
    They let them recall the drug toys....

    Boy I guess the Colombians missed this one, make toys out of cocaine and if you get caught just recall the drugs, ahhh ahemm "TOYS".

    I'm sure my facts must be wrong there is no way the USA Gov. would let the Chinese smuggle drugs and give the drugs back.

    SOMEBODY "SPLAIN" this to me.


    Chinese perspective (w/corrections ) American Economy

    China's actions should trigger SEC. Investigation Insider Trading...

    China hackers penetrate Pentagon ...

    China blackmailing USA, China ...

    Beijing will not do Anything against Iran's Interests

    Pearl Harbor of cyber war

    China is presenting some NEW dangerous paradigm threats in asymmetrical warfare.
    ( and don't forget space weapons )


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