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    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Musharraf, Taliban SHOWDOWN

    "Pakistan: Musharraf suspends constitution, declares state of emergency"

    Musharraf is in a showdown with Taliban.

    His preference is to bring the Taliban back into the fold.
    But as the Taliban is al Qaeda's Servant or autistic savant,
    this is going to be difficult.
    Stripping al Qaeda from the Taliban could be the first step.
    al Qaeda has long suckered the Taliban into being thier Proxys.

    But as long as the Taliban is controlled by al Qaeda, it is going to be very very difficult.

    Musharraf needs to cause the Taliban enough pain to negotiate.

    Taliban's pain levels have not been reached yet.
    But they have shown signs of tiring of WAR.

    Problem Musharraf has is most of the Army is Pashtoon as is the Taliban.
    But the army has suffered greatly at the hands of the Taliban, and currently they are willing to do some dammage to the Taliban.

    I expect an all out move on the Taliban, by Musharraf.
    If Musharraf falls ,Bhutto stand ready to pick up the reins.

    And she would use USA in strikes in Pakti against Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Forsee secret attacks against talbi in Pakti by USA or Nato.
    Classified ops under way.
    good risk reward ratio.


    Pakti fed up with Talbi

    Taliban map

    Waziristan Background

    Talibans Military plans


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