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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Durand Line, Talibans stealth Border


    Durand Line, Talibans stealth Border

    Durand line, MOVE IT...

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    ( NEFA HAS UNLOCKED THEIR PDF's, thanks Guys )

    Besides, the extreme mobility of the insurgents across the border is demonstrating a fact that the international community has ignored since the West reengaged with Afghanistan following 9/11: the Durand line is worth less than the ink it was traced with because Pashtunistan, de facto, does exist. ( Pashtunistan = Taliban-istan )

    ( The Durand line is well known by the Taliban, as an escape border, but other than that, the local tribes ignore the Durand line. It is a false border and enables pursuit free line. Cross it and your enemy can't follow you. They come under the control of both Afghan and Pakti and depending on which side of the line they stand on and as a consequence under the control of neither Afghan or Pakti. This un-natural border defining neither geographic nor cultural lines allows them sanctuary. Moving the border to cultural norms would alleviate many of these problems, and bring them under someones control/authority, Currently its being used as a one sided DMZ...Some Pakistani residents support breaking Pakti up, into 5 countries, 5 authorities, ie no DMZ...)

    The Durand line runs right down the middle of the Brown area on the map.

    Line in brown area is Durand line.


    Map below is completely within the Brown area above map,
    all Pashtoon.

    Pashtun area in center. NEW photos swapped in ..old photos blocked...

    The Durand line runs right down the middle of the Brown area.
    The Durand line, border, runs down the left side of all the colored areas above . Pakti on the Right side, Afghan on the left side.


    Claudio Franco continues:
    It doesn’t end at Torkham, but stretches from the Indus River to Kabul, a homogeneous entity which cannot be divided with any end result other than a completely porous border. This widespread nationalist sentiment does not immediately translate into political terms, though, and stating that the Pakistani Taliban are the same thing as their Afghan counterparts would be a serious mistake. ( YOU HAVE NOT CONVINCED ME, EVIDENCE? ) The Pakistani Taliban is made up of a confederation of radical warlords, each holding limited swathes of territory. They received their ideological training mostly from extremist clerics in Pakistan, and tribal allegiance continues to play an important role among them. However, the ideology is the same, and the Pakistani Taliban have reportedly sworn loyalty to Mullah Omar.

    ( The requirements for formally breaking this 'sworn loyalty' oath are definitive. Gerald )



    Background: on "Afghan - Patki" difficult relationship, Pre-Russian to USA Invasion:

    Historically the Afghan Pakti relationship has been antagonistic. The Taliban has worked for Pakti interests in Afghan. Now Pakti fights the Taliban kind of... Pakti and Taliban historically have had working relationships on many levels, now they are in the process of working out a new relationship, which al Qaeda doesn't want.

    Note : Afghan doesn't have the problems on their side of the Durand line than Pakti has on its side of the Durand line, same culture on both sides of the line....Pashtoon ! ? !

    Geography same on both sides of border, so whats the difference? USA FORCES on Afghan side, not on Pakti side.
    The situation in Afghan is a trained Army, with artillery and airborne capability against heavy weapons squads at best, the Taliban. ( Wild card, Afghans Nukes )

    Fly over Durand Line, Pashtoon area.

    Fly over Durand line, Pashtoon section.

    "Paradigm cross check on Pervez MUSHARRAF"

    al Qaeda connections in Patki, WHO?

    USA's next move in the Info War for the hearts and minds.

    Inside look at Tilaban ( Video )
    Move the Pashtoon border (Durand line) , so it is in Afghan or make it independent, then USA can go in, and stop most of the Taliban movement between Afghan and Pakti. Right now going after the Taliban from Afghan or Pakti is like squeezing a baloon.


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