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    Monday, October 08, 2007

    The way out.

    The President of Patki wouldn't attack the Taliban or al Qaeda in his country.
    He has lived with them his entire life.
    Killing 'THEM' is viewed as killing an Pakistani.
    And he feels he doesn't have kill "them".

    He needs to convert them.
    Bring them in.

    There is currently a classified USA ops going on in Afghan now.
    ( Its ok , nobody reads me. )
    And they have been mopping up Taliban daily.
    USA even called in the reserves, the 82nd.

    The troop decline this has caused is significant.
    And this maybe the reason for the "classified" reason/label.
    And not provoke a public re-reaction.

    Taliban can experience their losses in private.
    There is a culture of not offending the enemy 'tribe' while killing them,
    politically its good policy. And oddly enough helps point the way out: as part of
    "al qaeda's Psyops for Patki"

    USA cannot win the war against al qaeda, every cell cannot be hunted down.
    USA can keep enough pressure on AQ to keep them small and inefficient.

    Only Islam can convert AQ and the Taliban.
    and that will go farther than bombing.

    The President of Pakistan maybe on to something.

    Talibans military plans:


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