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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    USA Civilian "Terrorist Paradigm" LACKING

    The thing that really amazed me and was unexpected is the quality of WAR analysis from the Civilian sector.

    Our review of the demographics indicate the USA Government on both an official and unofficial levels also recognize this quality.

    And I want to call this the "Brilliant civilian sector".
    It included the likes of Bill Roggio,Dancho Danchev, Douglas Farah, Ray Robison, team at Counter terrorism Blog, Jamestown, Laura Mansfield, Memri, Site, and many many others.

    This "Brilliant sector " is missing part of the "Civilian War Effort Paradigm",
    The out put has been voluminous and timely and very high quality.
    But it has been aimed at only part of the Demographic.
    The American or Western sector.

    The "Brilliant sector" recognizes the value of translating terrorist media, documents etc.
    And their analysis is top level.
    But they seem to have missed the value in translating thier analysis into indigenous languages,
    or Arabic at least.

    Very little of the Western analysis reaches the part of the demographic with mud on their war boots and speaking Arabic. That is a very important part of the demographic to influence.
    al Qaeda recognizes the value of translating their work into English in their Internet effort.
    USA hasn't recognized the value in translating their work into Arabic, yet.

    Part of the reason USA is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds.
    USA is ignoring the MINDS in that demographic.


    al qaeda controling the Internet Paradigm


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    Blogger Pangloss said...

    There needs to be a cheap and reliable automated translator. No human translator could translate all the good and persuasive articles into Arabic, Urdu, Tagalog, and all the other necessary languages.

    11:24 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Thank you: For Gift.
    Note we have translator in right column.


    9:44 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Its strange, I dont see one.


    Oh well.

    10:58 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Gee, its only on the main page. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Jeeze now I got to figure out where to put code for article pages.
    I missed that, thought it was on all the pages.
    Thanks for the follow up.

    11:33 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Just added an Arabic button to each post,top of article/post, I rewrote your code.

    10:57 PM  

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