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    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Newbie Alert

    SISOFTWARE, producer of benchmarking and diagnostics program Sandra for Windows, has had its website hacked by someone calling himself Security^Ghost.

    The page, here, has been hacked to feature a small gif of the mask from corny teen slasher flick Scream and is full of vaguely cryptic, poorly written text - including a tag that says "Islamic Warrior" at the top.

    Two reasons are listed for the hack, which we can only interpret as a poorly conceived attempt at humour. "Security^Ghost" asks, "?? R U Saying Why I Hacking Your Site??" and replies himself with "1. Because I love U So Much : D" and "2. Just Fun : )" before saying "now u will tell police, please speed i am scared :( ".

    Hacked again


    A hack

    "Greetz" are also offered out at the bottom of the hacked site, a hallmark of spoddy hackers with too much time on their hands. Cool hacker guys such as " Weebi," "Sho0tr," "Mr.Max" and "Syntax_err" are all namedropped.


    " A word to the server owner, Peace be upon u and the mercy of god and his prayers -islamic greeting-

    Look brother, you are wondering why i hacked your server, maybe for one of these reasons:

    1. your server is hosting sites containing sexual content.

    2. your server is hosting a shii-website (shiia and sunaa are the branches of islam)

    3. your server is hosting a political site that violates the rights of any country.

    3. or your server is hosting a site that deviates the Quran, or even makes the slightest mistake about islam.

    iam ready to fully destroy your server

    check if your server doesn't have any of the above sites, then i'm wrong and i'm ready to offer you full protection for the server for free."

    from his accent, the hacker appears to be from the gulf countries.

    anyway, that's a good way to get free protection. :)
    posted by : M.A., 17 October 2007

    Some of the feel of the 'old' Electronic Jihad Group:

    Following up.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Stupid people
    Im an arab, and Im a muslim. This hacker guy is only a muslim by name, an aquired religion which he obviously knows nothing about.
    I must say that within the past 50 years, arabs deserve the s*** talk they receive because they brought it on themselves. I'm sick of defending my people, I can only defend myself at this point. They do stupid shit like this, in a day and age where everything you do has the potential to reach millions.
    For example, when the pope made those stupid remarks about islam a few months back, they reacted by marching in the streets and burning churches... why? Why didn't they just laugh at the pope, who is incorrect, and is obviously a propaganda tool? Instead, their dumb-asses fed into it, and the pope wins by showing the rest of the world burning churches caused by the hands of muslims.

    Amazing how a piece, can make the whole look bad.
    posted by : hotrod, 17 October 2007

    3:24 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    an apple with just one rotten spot.

    8:03 PM  

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