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    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Confused anthropologist deny terror, NCA

    As DANGER ROOM previously reported, a group dubbed the he Network of Concerned Anthropologists was encouraging fellow academics to sign a pledge that would commit them not to work with the military on the human terrain system, or anything else directed related to the War on Terror.

    This provoked a lively -- and needed -- debate about the military's newfound love of anthropology.

    Not everyone was so happy. Now, somebody has parodied the group with a counter-organization called SCARED, as in "Seriously Concerned Anthropologists for a Ridiculously Enfeebled Defense":


    An anthropologist that refuses to use their skill against al qaeda, are what cowards, ignorant, unprofessional?
    Maybe all three.
    They are no better than those that witness a mugging and refuse to do anything.

    Ad Magnum

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