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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Binny WHINING, LYING, BEGGING on video

    Binny WHINING:
    Begging forgiveness ( idarat al-tawahhush )

    He talks of those that go on Jahid, rather than set home with the women folk.
    Did he mean the ones who Jihad, day after day, for a live time and don't leave widows and children behind, to shift for themselves?

    The one's who do not throw Allah's greatest gift back in his face, life?
    The ones that do the hard work, jihad day in and day out for a life time?

    Biny denigrates the Jihad of every Moslem.
    He is turning "Jahid" into a dirty word world wide.

    He begged for volunteer suicide bombers, ISLAM denied him.
    He asked for more attacks on USA forces, they are down, again Islam denies him.
    He killed women, children, bombed Mosques and market places, promoted Muslim killing Muslim. Now he is losing the WAR and begs forgiveness.
    Islam is denying him, for good reason, violating Allah's word.


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