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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Bhutto's work.

    Bhutto is the only hope on the horizon for Afghan.

    The attacks on her life mean nothing as long as they don't kill her.
    Some news sources have been reporting the attacks as something important.

    Bhutto will give Afghan new roads to travel.

    Working with the current Prez, Bhutto gives the administration a broader demographic
    to find favor with.

    The current out look is favorable, and the sooner the Marines are moved to Afghan the more pressure can be brought to move selected partys to the Table.

    The "awaking" system in Iraq should work in Patki. If they can 'awaken' and protect
    demo projects, long enough for others Insurgents to learn/see how it does work.

    Bhutto needs Blackwater type protection, her current security failed and so did the Government security fail. And there were enough other problems to reflect non-professional standards.

    USA needs more force protection for assets.



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