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    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    Bhutto's BOMB paradigm wrong.

    Head of BOMBER

    AP and CNN are currently reporting the death toll from the blast at 136 dead, with nearly 400 wounded.
    The Associated Press initially reported that there was "an initial small explosion was followed by a huge blast just feet from the front of the truck carrying Bhutto"
    ( First reports says 24 lbs or RDX? Which kind, 5 types. )
    Many police cars destroyed, the suicide bomber got thru the outer police ring, and was stopped by the inner ring of security.

    It just doesn't fit, one bomber on foot caring enough explosives to do this much damage?
    He would have to waddle thru the crowds.

    It is much more likely it was a car bomb, with a walk up suicide bomber.

    A high-ranking police official — part of Ms Benazir’s security detail — told Dawn that the bullet-proof vehicle of the PPP leader was stationary when the suicide bomber struck. He said that two security vehicles fitted with jammers moved ahead of and behind Ms Bhutto’s truck, which was flanked by four to five police vans at a time.

    The damage done is way out of proportion to what a suicide bomber could carry, the street lights turning off, can be tested with an stats formulas, how often were the street light out?

    The police official said one vehicle fitted with the jammer was extensively damaged in the second explosion. He conceded that the two jammers had broken down primarily because charged PPP activists had knocked over their antenna, installed atop the cars in which they were fitted.

    He said the first blast took place on the right side of the truck. He added that the second explosion, which wrought greater devastation, took place on the left side of the truck.

    The other side of this paradigm is an 8 hr drive after dark after many bomb threats?
    al Qaeda fell for it and turned much public opinion against them with this bombing.

    The names of bomber, type of explosive, amount and method of delivery will point the finger in the right direction.

    This maybe the start of an all out fight to try and bring Taliban to the table for talks.
    Look at who was in charge of State security..



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