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    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    al qaeda's Internet RISKS

    By Douglas Farah:

    Why the sudden surge in communications with the network? That, to me, is the most important question. The content is important and should be analyzed, especially the call to war against Musharraf in Pakistan and the call to retake Spain for Islam. But much of the statements are simply restatements of old positions and rhetoric.

    Or perhaps the productions are largely intended as morale boosters for the cadre in the absence of significant successful attacks in the United States and Europe.

    What does seem clear to me is that this propaganda machine, run at some risk and expense, is vitally important to the leadership. It is also vital for those in a virtual world, looking for some point of connection, to have access to this material, as well as being useful to those seeking to recruit.

    I am not sure what it means, but it is another sign of how much work there is to do in shutting down the message as well as the messenger.



    There is some divergence between al Qaeda proper, in the trenches and the Internet Jihadists.

    The experience level between the wanabee armchair jihadists and cadre at arms in the field
    is causing problems. The armchair jeddies just don't get it, and won't listen to the mud booted troops, even when they talk. Neither truly understand each other and both have very limited command or control of the other.

    The field cadre don't understand the nuances of the Internet and all the Internet wanabees get are demands for more recruits, money and suicide bombers.

    The mud boots don't trust the Internet jahidists, because of all the leaks and computers seized with data on al Qaeda. There is considerable risk in the communication links between the field and the Internet. Which are being fully exploited by the West. As the Internet leads into al Qaeda's operational heart.

    al Qaeda's webmasters are as valuable a target as some lieutenant on the battle field.
    And this is a recent discovery in the war on terror.

    As important as the Internet is to their recruiting and propaganda effort, it is also the highest risk operation al Qaeda runs.
    And al Qaeda runs its Internet operations badly.Witness al Qaeda's media arm security breach involving "Obelisk". and the exposing of al Qaeda's fault.

    The cost of al Qaeda's Internet operations and diminishing returns and high risk to operational security, points to al Qaeda's attempted bulling in Islamic forums, again even on the WWW al Qaeda is impotent.

    With the turning against al Qaeda by Islam we will see how the Rewards are just the extra bonus involved in outing al Qaeda leaders.

    When Islam takes down the al Qaeda leaders the rewards can be claimed here. (anonymous )

    Taking down al Qaeda's top hacker

    Joining al Qaeda, CAN'T.

    al Qaeda's war against the Ummah

    al Qaeda killing volunteers.


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