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    Friday, October 26, 2007

    Al Capone, vs Al Qaeda.

    Seems there are some similarities between Europe's Muslim immigrants / Islamofacisits and America's immigrants and the Italians / Mafia.

    NOTE: I did not call all the Italians mafia or call all the Muslims Islamofacisits.

    The comparison is to the power/force each group can generate.

    The gangs in AMERICAN also could fit into this comparison.

    Thinking of a hierarchy some structure to put these groups into.

    al Qaeda,( non-state sponsored ) attacks governments.

    But the Mafia seldom attacked the government.

    al Qaeda uses small arms, automatic weapons, RPG's, and shaped charges.

    The Mafia ( non-state sponsored ) used explosives, car bombs, small arms, and automatic weapons.

    Gangs ( non-state sponsored ) use small arms, automatic weapons and explosives, car bombs.
    In Chicago the Government felt Law Enforcement needed help to take on the Mafia and Al Capone.

    This may illustrate some road posts to decide when Law Enforcement or the Army is used.

    Some of these Islamofacisists groups are equivalent to criminal gangs, small arms, automatic weapons and explosives.

    The scale tipping happens when you realize the Mafia didn't have a chance to use Nukes.
    And I don't think Al Capone would have used nukes, bad for image.
    But I do think the Al Qaeda would.

    Al Capone, vs Al Qaeda.



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