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    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Taliban admit defeat

    September 11, 2007: The Taliban offered to begin negotiating with the government. In Afghan parlance, that's the Taliban way of saying they are defeated and want to discuss peace terms. Over the past few months, Taliban attacks have become increasingly desperate, and bloody. But most of the dead have been Taliban. The only "successful" attacks have been those using suicide bombers, and these kill mostly Afghan civilians.

    The Taliban were able to build up a war chest in the last few years, allowing them to hired thousands of unemployed young men. But casualties have been high, with over a third of these hired gunmen getting killed, wounded or captured. In the last two weeks, over 200 Taliban gunmen have been killed in battles with Afghan and foreign troops. But the biggest source of problems has been the stupid things they do. Recently, a Taliban group kidnapped a dozen deminers. This sort of thing is very unpopular with Afghans, as even the Taliban (officially, anyway) recognize the deminers as immune from attack. The millions of mines and explosives still in the ground don't discriminate between Taliban or non-Taliban. The deminers are arguably more important to the Taliban, who often sneak around at night in out-of-the-way places. The Taliban also make themselves unpopular by attacking food relief convoys. One recent attack saw 13 Taliban and two police killed in such an unsuccessful attack. The Taliban want to shut down humanitarian and reconstruction projects, and thus force Afghans to support the Taliban in order to get any help at all. Most Afghans resent this sort of intimidation.

    All this failure caused a split in the Taliban high command. Actually, the Taliban movement has always been a coalition, and the Afghan government has already negotiated with several pro-Taliban tribes, and arranged for a change of allegiance. The current Taliban strength is mostly in Pakistan, where the Pushtun tribes there are feuding with the central government over tribal rights. Just across the border in Afghanistan, the Pushtun trines ARE the government. Pushtuns are a small minority (less than five percent of the population) in Pakistan, but are the largest minority (40 percent of the population) in Afghanistan. For centuries, peace usually came to Afghanistan when the Pushtun, and non-Pushtun, tribes agreed on which Pushtun tribal chief would be "king" of the country. The current elected president of Afghanistan is a Pushtun tribal leader. source.

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    Blogger Stephen Wynne said...

    The Taliban have not admitted defeat. That claim is utterly baseless when examining the last 2,500 years of Afghan warfare & politics. I understand you've got your own agenda to push, but please, keep things at least semi-realisitc for the layman who might stumble through your page.

    8:49 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    From the first line of the article: "The Taliban offered to begin negotiating with the government. In Afghan parlance, that's the Taliban way of saying they are defeated and want to discuss peace terms."

    People can decide for themselves.

    And time will tell.


    3:31 PM  

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