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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Validation for Nuking Iran

    Dining In the Gulf on roast chicken in the Admiral's wood-paneled quarters, the Commander says "the only rationale that the Church recognizes for a just war is when all other means have been exhausted."

    He asks: "How can a Christian believer, how can God approve of arbitrarily destroying millions of Iranians? Do you think you have some special assignment from Heaven?"

    "What if while we dither, the Iranians wipe out Israel and then hold a wimpy world at bay with nuclear missiles?" the Admiral replies. "Or they take out just one of our major cities and then say, 'let's talk.' Could that possibly be God's plan? The Iranians, the mullahs, say it is."

    Citing 1500 years of what he considers barbaric Islamic aggression against the West, the Admiral says: "You ask what would I say to God after a preemptive strike...What do our leaders say to God if they let us be attacked when they could have prevented it? Has God removed suicide from the list of mortal sins?"

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