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    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Paradigm forecast, Insurgent creation

    Part one:

    OK now what?

    1.6 Billion Muslims, if 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million possible recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide are out there. Subset, looking for those that are free and can use Internet, that is the "homegrown" demographic. ( lowest common denominator, always there..


    Part 2)

    The Counseling Program is based upon a presumption of benevolence, and not vengeance or retribution. It presumes that the suspects were abused, lied to and misled by extremists into straying away from "true Islam," and that the state wants to help security prisoners return to the correct path. The vast majority of prisoners who have participated in the program, according to research conducted by the Advisory Committee, have been found to not have had a religious education during their childhood [3]. Most of the prisoners have been found by the committee to have an incomplete understanding of Islam, and the majority have been radicalized through extremist books, tapes, videos and, more recently, the internet. The Counseling Program, therefore, seeks to "correct" this misunderstanding by reinforcing the official state version of Islam.

    Part 3)

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops
    to be pissed with.

    USA has to intercept this new Internet paradigm or AQ will push this to a world war.
    With huge death toll of Americans in some covert attack in America.

    USA can't let AQ control the Internet paradigm.

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