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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    The ONLY place USA is loosing the War.

    The terrorists are good at identifying the enemy, why they are the enemy, and what to do.
    A world wide message.

    USA offers a muddled enemy, of course there is al Qaeda, and then the Taliban oh and the Insurgents, on the Internet al Qaeda's media arm names and creates a group for EVERYONE, hand tailored to the individuals groups demographics. Somethings Brigade, or the 1950 group, or ISI. Named to attract and recruit volunteers.

    All started as virtual groups, then flushed out as they recruited. A form of social networking, with militarism attached. If you try hard, 72 VIRGINS, paradise for you and 60 friends, and money for your parents, and the recruits get to play with free Guns and explosives.
    There are Armys forming on the Internet.
    Jihadism the NEW "porno" of the Internet.
    And al Qaeda is the worlds top brand.

    So the USA's enemy list is a Yard long, and would remain the same people even if they were not separating them into different groups. Point being is to create enough Groups of Jihad to embrace 90 % of the ummahs demographics.

    And this is how al Qaeda can get Muslims to believe USA is in a war against Islam.
    "Isn't part of your tribe in the ISI group?
    See... USA is against you, also.
    They killed some of your tribe.

    The point is subtle.
    But in this manner AQ is able to make it appear USA is in a war with Islam.
    And it is believed.

    1.6 Billion Muslims, 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide.

    That is the PARADIGM.
    And USA isn't doing anything to counter this on the Net.

    USA has all the cutting edge tools but they are not being applied.
    They just set on the shelf, in some cases forbidden.

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops
    to be pissed with.

    USA has to intercept this new Internet paradigm or AQ will push this to a world war.
    With huge death toll of Americans in some covert attack in America.

    USA can't let AQ control the internet paradigm.

    More on AQ's internet Paradigm


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Their are many warriors out there that are fighting this war on the internet. Right now I am confused as i signed up to fight it but am lacking in tools to do so. I get e-mails but nothing explaining exactly what I am to do. I have helped shut down several websites on the jawa report and knew what my reason was but I believe you need to be more pacific in order to recrute more people to the cause of shutting down the taliban and alquida

    3:52 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Your right, working on it.


    3:56 PM  

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