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    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Internet Jihadis!, buzzed, high...token, burned....

    2 days ago:
    Internet Jihadis! help,

    where are you guys?!

    wa alaykum salaam,

    Some of them are in "Hellmarsh"

    Hellmarsh . In the 'Golden Age' or the 'Age of Paradise' (~2983 Helmarsh Calendar) it is said that trees would bear fruit without having to cultivate the land or sow the seeds. Winds would carry the seeds, and rivers would cultivate the lands. Humans, spirits and ancient animals roamed the lands of Hellmarsh and lived in harmony. It was the happy times, when every living being would eat, drink, sing, and live a peaceful and contented life. There was no shadow or darkness, and nothing evil scoured the lands.

    they are HIGH, lot of 50/50 around for the hookas.

    Many of the jahidist webmasters are, MIA.


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