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    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Al Qaeda & Taliban suckered.

    The American leader of al Qaeda.

    USA identified 29 al qaeda and Taliban training camps in Patki.

    But Patki won't attack them and won't let USA attack the camps in Patki.
    Problem: get AQ and Taliban troops out of Patki so they can be attacked by USA/

    And how to pin them down?
    Maybe use Patki forces an the Anvil
    and USA forces as the Hammer.

    ( we forecast in 7/21/2007 07:52:00 PM )

    OK, lets see, give the location of the camps
    to Patki Intel,
    and get an attack plan oked by Patki
    and give them a weeks notice.

    What would they do?
    Empty the camps but go where?
    To the Mountains, Toro Bora.

    USA engaged in Toro Bora, adding troops expanding battle.

    AQ has American leader ship Now.


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