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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    100 Americans, thousands overseas monitored.

    National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell pulled the curtain back
    on previously classified details of government surveillance and of a
    secretive court whose recent rulings created new hurdles for the Bush
    administration as it tries to prevent terrorism.

    During an interview with the El Paso Times last week, McConnell made
    comments that raised eyebrows for their frank discussion of
    previously classified eavesdropping work conducted under the Foreign
    Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA.

    McConnell said it takes 200 hours to assemble a FISA warrant on a
    single telephone number. "We're going backwards," he said. "We
    couldn't keep up."

    _ Offering never-disclosed figures, McConnell also revealed that
    fewer than 100 people inside the United States are monitored under FISA warrants. However, he said, thousands of people overseas are monitored.

    Even as he shed new light on the classified operations, McConnell
    asserted that the current debate in Congress about whether to update
    the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act will cost American lives
    because of all the information it revealed to terrorists.

    "Part of this is a classified world. The fact that we're doing it
    this way means that some Americans are going to die," he said.

    Spy Chief Reveals Classified Details
    By KATHERINE SHRADER 08.22.07, 4:04 PM ET

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