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    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Bin Laden 11 sons, 0 suicide bombers

    Bin Laden 11 sons, 0 suicide bombers.

    Zero Martyrs, ZERO
    don't his sons want to give their lives for Osama's Islam?
    Don't they love Allah?
    Does Binny love his sons alive?
    Has the LOVE of DEATH in the cause of Allah left their hearts?
    Not even one bomber. The leader of the Terrorist world and his eleven sons and no

    Laden Quote, "O youth of the Nation, Crave DEATH."

    Except ole Binnys kids, I guess.

    Eleven sons, 00000000000=11 He assures Muslims Suicide bombing is the way to Paradise.
    Does not Osama want his sons in Paradise?
    Why has Binny not encourage his eleven sons to Jahidist Martyrdom?
    Not even one son.

    His sons are exempt from Binnys form of Islamofascisism.
    The rules do not apply to his sons.

    Bin Laden has fathered at least 24 children. His wife, Najwa,
    reportedly had 11 children by bin Laden, including Abdallah
    (born c. 1976), Omar, Saad and Muhammad. Muhammad bin
    Laden (born c. 1983)

    What of the 13 girls, maybe a female Martyr, Al qaeda has
    used women before, and they are asking for more Martyrs
    right now.

    My apologies to Bin Ladens children for talking about them like this.
    I do not visit the sins of the father on his children.

    All jahidists know: killing women, children bombing Mosques and market places
    will not admit them to paradise, Allah will address them.

    Killing women and children bombing Mosques, market places is not Jihad.

    Muslims even kiffers know what that is.

    Ole Binny has not been heard from in around 2 years, now.
    He is DEAD.




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