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    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    AQ How much virtual? HOW MUCH REAL?

    Virtual Al qaeda, ISI
    maybe a virtual Taliban?

    Just how much of this is REAL?

    The IED attacks and KIA are real.

    But their entire media arm is virtual...

    Re-run old IED vids as new.

    Re edit old vids and run as new?

    On the Internet the same guy can run a dozen web sites. We know some of the Jahidist web site masters run 5 or 6 web sites.

    In the West we tend to view every new web site and PR announcement as a new terror group.

    How many are FAKE.

    How long can Al qaeda persuade the Iraki Ummah to try and kill itself?

    Is al qaeda only 100 guys spread out like armed Avon salesmen trying to recruit others.

    Each man backed by a virtual al Qaeda type web site, probably not, but it isn't ALL real would we know?

    Some force multiplier....


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